Château Gâteaux 4 Chocolate Variety – Large (12 Slice)


4 Chocolate Variety



Each variety pack gives you three generous slices of four different variants of our indulgent chocolate cakes. Chocolate Nostalgia: Chocolate cake layered with rich chocolate flavoured mousse, topped with biscuit crumble and dark chocolate flavoured ganache. Mousse au Chocolat: Smooth and velvety dark chocolate flavoured mousse with a creamy white chocolate flavoured centre, on a moist layer of chocolate cake, finished with a rich dark cocoa ganache. Rococo Chocolate Cake: Cocoa flavoured cream, layered with choc chip cookie pieces and whirls of cocoa ganache between three layers of moist chocolate cake, covered with fine chocolate flavoured shavings. B-1: A rich, dark and moist chocolate cake, coated in our luxurious B-1 sauce.

Allergens – Hen’s eggs, cow’s milk, soya, wheat (gluten).

From Frozen To Fabulous! Simply Defrost And Enjoy Your Cake-Away