Jupiter JTS500Q Tenor Saxophone – with Backpack Gig Bag


The Jupiter JTS-500 tenor saxophone is a beginner instrument with proved quality. It comes with a mouthpiece, ligature and is keyed to high F#. Compared to competitors, it is a finely crafted instrument but is more affordable and makes an ideal beginners instrument with good sound quality and a quick response.



he new Jupiter JTS-500-Q Tenor Sax replaces the old 587GL model, it still benefits from a slightly lighter body for the beginner and comes with a great range of useful accessories. For some years now this has been the standard by which we measure starter saxes and the Jupiter always compares favourably.

Led by a passion in music Education the Jupiter brand is well used and preferred by many local authorities and teachers. Made in ISO 9001 certified factories the Jupiter 587GL is made under strict quality control.


  • Gold lacquer finish
  • high F# key, front F, articulated G# key with tilting Bb rocker arm
  • supplied with a lightweight backpack style case.