Caraya F-550BCEQN Acoustic-Electric Guitar Natural Finish

Original price was: 365.00$.Current price is: 265.00$.


This is a plucky guitar with rich character. Very few guitars in this price range can compete with the Caraya for quality or tone, making it an instrument that a student can use for years to come.


Perfect for anyone, whether starting out or an established player, Caraya makes quality instruments that are great value for your money.

Many guitars in this price bracket are tough to play straight from the box. because not much thought is given to the guitar’s action or intonation. The Caraya F-550’s intonation and action was a focus in its design and construction, making this a great beginner’s acoustic guitar.

The action of the guitar refers to the distance between the strings and the fretboard. The higher the action of a guitar, the harder it is to play. This is because it takes more strength to press down the string.

The intonation refers to the sound of the string. A guitar with poor intonation will sound out of tune of you play higher on the fretboard. That means, that even if your guitar is in tune, what you are playing might sound out of tune.