Cachaca 51 – The original Brazilian Rum – case 6 x 1 L


Case of 6 bottles x 1 Liter



CACHACA 51 – Brazilian rum

Cachaça 51 is the original ingredient for the Caipirinha cocktail.
A distillation of sugar cane juice gives Cachaça 51 rum a light and sweet character. A favourite in fruit cocktails, enjoy the cool spirit of Brazil!

Cachaca 51 has some interesting notes of lime zest and lemongrass, tempering the petrol overtones considerably. The body offers notes of light brown sugar, spearmint, and more citrus fruits — lime, especially — on the back end.

The Caiprinha cocktail

  • Cachaca 51
  • Limes
  • Cane sugar
  • Crushed ice

Cut the lime in quarters and cut each wedge through the middle so you get 8 chunks of lime.
Add one to two tablespoons of sugar. The amount of sugar depends on your personal taste.

Muddle the limes and sugar together. Basically, you want to crush the limes so that they mix in well with the sugar. Be careful not to break the skin of the lime. When you’ve gotten all of the juice out of the lime, you’re done.

​Then add 2oz. of cachaca 51 to the lime/sugar mix and stir till well mixed.
Pack with crushed ice and garnish with a lime wedge, Enjoy!